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8 Fun Ways to Celebrate your Dog’s Birthday

8 Fun Ways to Celebrate your Dog’s Birthday

1. Make a dog friendly cake

Why not make your dog a dog friendly pupcake? Dog friendly baking ingredients include Banana, carrots, natural peanut butter (no xylitol), eggs, honey, whole wheat flour, baking soda and top it off with frosting made of greek yogurt and peanut butter!

Or to make things easier our birthday box includes ready made dog birthday cakes!

2. Organise a doggy playdate

Doggy playdates can be so much fun for your dog to celebrate their birthdays with their four legged friends! Not only does your dog have lots of fun play time but is fulfilled and enriched by the end of playtime!

3. Take your dog out on their favourite walk or hike

Who’s dog does not love to head out on their favourite trail full of enriching and exciting smells!

4. Spoil your dog on their Birthday 

Spoil and pamper your dog with a gift such as treats or a new toy! If you want to make your dog’s birthday extra special take a look at our birthday box filled with dog birthday toys, treats and cakes!

5. Have a canine enrichment day

Take out your dog’s favourite toys ideally enrichment toys such as stuffable dog toys, lick mats, snuffle mats and puzzle games. Enrichment are great for dog’s to engage in their innate behaviors, such as playing, chasing, smelling, chewing and scavenging leaving your dog mentally satisfied!

6. Take your dog to your local pet store

Why not take your dog to visit your local pet store and take in all those amazing smells and meet other dog’s on  a shopping spree! Spoil them with new toys and treats!

7. Set up an agility course

Set up an agility course in your back yard! Agility courses not only is super fun for both you and your dog but gives your dog plenty exercise and the training that goes into it strengthens the bond between dogs and humans.

8. Bring your dog to your local pet friendly cafe for a puppucino

Find your local pet friendly cafe and spoil your dog with a puppucino enjoying a coffee together.