destructive dog

How To Entertain A Destructive Dog

A destructive dog is a bored dog, the key to solving this problem is to keep your dogs busy both physically and mentally. Dogs are highly social and need to be kept entertained to avoid destructive behaviours. The most common behavioural problems in dogs begin with boredom and all your dog needs is a little help to tackle these unwanted problems.

What are the signs of boredom in dogs?

  • Inappropriate chewing
  • Excessive Barking
  • Digging
  • Pacing
  • Panting

How can we help solve this?

  • Exercise
  • Canine Enrichment – Puzzle Toy, Treat Dispensing Toys, Lick mats and more!
  • Positive Reinforcement Training
  • Hide & Seek

High energy dogs may need a little more attention such as Collies and Retrievers. Doggy day care or Agility is another option to burn off that energy. Spend some time training your dog and give their brain a workout. Basic training makes the world of difference and teaches your dog to listen.

Our Busy Bee box is tailored for destructive dog’s. We have used our extensive knowledge in the dog industry to learn what problems dog owners deal with on a daily basis and packed your answers into one box. Filled with toys and chews to keep your dogs mentally busy and exercising their brains.