Destructive Dogs Box: The Busy Box


The Busy Box is designed for high energy, destructive dogs who become easily bored.

Our Busy box is tailored for dog’s who love to chew everything in sight including our brand new shoes! The key to preventing this is to keep our dogs busy.


Sneak peek of what’s inside the Busy Box!

Our busy box includes handpicked items to help tackle problems that arise with a destructive, bored dog!

Filled with products to keep your dog busy including long lasting chew toys and stuffable toys!


Bamboodles Durable Chicken Flavour Chew Toy – Small

Bamboodles ‘T-Bone’ is tough. The natural strength of bamboo fibre combines with nylon fibres to create a longer-lasting, durable chew toy – suitable for all dogs, including those more aggressive chewers.

  • SATISFYING CHEW: Durable + long-lasting to keep dogs busy for hours
  • MADE STRONGER WITH BAMBOO FIBRE + NYLON: Suitable for more aggressive chewers
  • EASY TO GRIP: ‘T-bone’ shape for your dogs front paws. Keeps them busy for hours
  • HELPS CONTROL PLAQUE + TARTAR: Raised nubs can reduce oral bacteria and bad brea

The Kong Extreme – Medium

Kongs are mentally stimulating toys offering canine enrichment. The kong extreme is made for the toughest chewers. Stuff the kong with your dogs favourite treats and pastes and freeze for a longer lasting challenge. See our blog on stuffing recipes for more great ideas. Choose Small, Medium or Large at checkout.

lickimat dog treat mat

Lick Mat Buddy Treat Mat 20cm

Reduces Boredom and destructive behaviour. Helps calm and soothe your dog while they enjoy their favourite treat on the licking mat.

Assorted colours

dog treats

Tribal Liver & Lavender Dog Treats 125g

These oven baked treats are made with lavender, which has a calming effect on humans and dogs alike, as well as air dried beef liver, and are sure to become one of your dog’s favourite bedtime rituals.

dog salmon pate

Trixie Salmon Pate Paste – 110g

Smear the pate on the lickimat or stuff into kong and freeze for longer lasting entertainment.

Products are subject to change due to stock availability and new and exciting products being included.


Small, Medium, Large