Dog Calming Box


Don’t Sweat it…we got you covered with our dog anxiety box designed for anxious dogs! 

This handpicked box includes everything you need to help your dog feel calm and reassured. Many dogs suffer with anxiety whether it’s separation anxiety, fear of loud noises or hyperactivity.

See below for what’s inside the full box 🙂 

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Sneak peek of what’s inside the “Don’t Sweat it” box

Designed for anxious dogs. This box includes handpicked items to help keep your dog calm and reassured.

lick mat soother

Lick Mat- Soother

The lick mat can help with anxiety in dogs. It works by putting food onto the textured surface such as wet food, peanut butter or coconut oil. Separation anxiety often happens when leaving your pet at home. The lick mat is the ideal boredom buster that keeps your pet busy. Freeze for a longer lasting treat. See more on lick mats in our blog post.

calming dog treats

Pets Plus Calming Treats 70g

  • 65% total Duck & Chicken – of which 64% freshly prepared!
  • Added Lavender – Olfactory stimulation thought to encourage behaviours of relaxation
  • Added Camomile – Thought to calm and relax a pet and calm and upset stomach
  • Probiotic– To help stabilize and stimulate the growth of advantageous gut flora
  • Added Nucleotides -essential for the renewal of cells
calming dog toy

AromaDog Calming Dog Toy – Lilac

Aromadog calming toys can help soothe separation anxiety and hyperactivity. Made with lavender blend of 100% therapeutic grade essential oils to help calm your dog. Releases aroma with each play and squeak.

calming spray

Pet Remedy Mini Calming Spray 15ml

Pet Remedy is a calming spray that tackles stress and anxiety in pets in a natural, scientific way. It is  Valerian oil based with small inclusions of Vetiver, Sweet Basil, and Clary Sage essential oils. Helps reduce anxiety without sedation effects

dog peanut butter

Woof Peanut Butter 250g – Treat Time

The woof peanut butter has been included to use along with your kong toy and lick mat. It is a safe peanut butter specifically designed for dogs in mind. No sugar, xylitol or palm oils.