Reducing Stress For Your Dog When Hosting Guests

Reducing Stress For Your Dog When Hosting Guests

Reducing Stress For Your Dog When Hosting Guests

Many of us are new puppy parents and facing into new life routines to ensure our
pups happiness. We may think that hosting a party at home is no longer a stress free
occasion because of our new four legged roommate. But that doesn’t have to be the
case! We are pulling together some tips to help planning a party?

1. Evaluate your dogs personality

Is your dog going to want to be involved in the party? How has your pet reacted
to new people in the past? Have you been in bigger crowds with you dog before?
The first step to planning a safe secure night for you dog is asking these
questions and evaluating the impact the party will have on your pet. Is it better to
arrange a pet sitter? If you think your dog loves being the centre of attention then
get them involved!

2. Pre-party

Before the day of the party, be sure to have a private party with your pup! This
will need to include lots of mental stimulation and walks! The more stimulated
your dog is before the party the more likely they will be calm during the

3. Create the dog party corner

Your dog is going to want to find a safe space during the party after they have
mingled with the guests. Ensure you have their favour bed or crate set up in a
that wont be used – fill with food, water, toys.

4. Take it slow

Why not invite a couple of VIP guest to arrive slightly earlier to the party to ease
your dog into the idea of visitors. Ask the party guests to not overcrowd your dog.

5. Keep up routine

Make sure you don’t forget to keep up usual routines during the night, feeding,
bathroom breaks, treat time should all still take place.



Alcohol, Avocado, Chocolate,
Grapes and raisins, Nuts, Milk and dairy, Xylitol, Salty snacks

LEAVING TIME: In the fuss of the party ending you will need to be sure your dog
doesn’t slip out with one of the guest. Maybe keeping them in the safe space room is