Signs of Anxiety in Dogs

Separation Anxiety & Fear Anxiety

Dogs can suffer with anxiety for many different reasons including separation anxiety, fear anxiety, social and pain anxiety which is associated with fear based anxiety. This can be challenging for not only dogs but their owners too.

Some Signs of anxiety in dogs include the following:

  • Panting
  • Pacing
  • Trembling
  • Excessive Licking
  • Barking/Howling
  • Destructiveness

Separation Anxiety

This form of dog anxiety is very common. Some dogs do not enjoy being alone and prefer the company and comfort of people. Dogs often associate their owners with food, play, cuddles, walks and everything good in life. If your dog has not been left alone before or has not learnt to experience their own company they can get separation anxiety.

Fear Anxiety

Fear anxiety in dogs can be seen in many forms including illness/pain anxiety, social anxiety, noise anxiety and more.

Social anxiety can be seen if a dog is simply not used to new people/dogs or new, busy environments.

Noise anxiety is seen with loud noises such as fireworks. Remember our dog’s hearing is much better than ours and this can be very overwhelming for them.

Other forms of anxiety can be seen when travelling, visiting the vets or simply being taken out of their comfort zone.

At Power Paws Club we aim to help our members overcome their daily challenges by providing handpicked products by our expert team to help overcome these challenges. Our “ Don’t Sweat It” Box is designed specifically for dogs who suffer with all forms of anxiety.


Desensitization is also and important part of the process which can be used along with our handpicked products.

We recommend using our top tips provided in your box on how to use these products during you and your best friends journey.

We understand we can’t solve everything and sometimes dogs may need extra help such as behavioural training or medical treatment.

Written with Love and Cuddles – The Power Paws Club Team