dog grooming at home

The Importance of Dog Grooming at Home

Why is dog grooming important you ask?

Dog grooming is essential for a happy, healthy dog. Not only does grooming your dog keep your dog looking and feeling fabulous but keeps your home cleaner and more hygienic with a little less hair.

Grooming your dog ensures a healthy coat that can breath,  free from matts, dirt and grease which can cause skin problems and irritation.

How often you groom your dog varies from breed to breed and different coat types. There is a lot involved in grooming whether it’s cleaning their teeth to prevent bad breath, wiping their ears and eyes so they can experience the world comfortably, clipping your dog’s nails and  brushing and bathing their coat.

Benefits of Dog Grooming in between Salon Visits

  • Brushing removes dead hair and reduces shedding
  • Washing your dog removes dirt and grease which does not only smell bad but can cause skin problems
  • Cleaning their ears and eyes often helps prevent tear stains, and removes dirt that can cause infections
  • Brushing their teeth or adding pet dental care drops to their water prevents dental issues in later life and helps remove canine plaque and tartar
  • Maintains a clean, hygienic home

Create a bonding experience with your best friend and spend some one on one time together. Make grooming a happy time with your dog and reward them with treats whilst grooming.

We have created “The Glow Up” a luxurious dog grooming gift box that has the essential items for grooming at home to keep their coat looking and smelling glorious.

See our blog post on different coat types for more information on choosing the right brush for your dog.