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What is a Gotcha Day?

What is a Gotcha Day?

Ever wondered what dog owners mean when they say they are celebrating their dogs ‘gotcha day’? Well, a gotcha day is what humans call the day they welcomed their pup to the family and it is celebrated like a dogs birthday!

Instead of celebrating the day their dogs is born, (for rescues it is hard to know this) dog lovers pull out the dog friendly birthday cake, puppy birthday gifts, dog cake mix and throw a puppy party on the day their dog joined the family! Some dog parents may even decide to celebrate both!

A typical gotcha day involves sending out dog birthday invitations for all the furry friends. The guests are greeted with dog friendly cup cakes on arrival and each get a dog birthday toy to play with.

Snacks will include birthday dog cookies, DIY cake mix for dogs, dog friendly Prosecco and other fun dog birthday themes! Make sure you don’t turn up empty handed if you’re invited to a ‘gotcha day’! A great thoughtful gift could be a edible birthday card for dogs!